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National Hydrological Network Management System

Supply of hydrology data
  • Data Supply Services

    We provide data supply services consists of rainfall, water level, evaporation, sediment and water quality data. There are more than 1,700 hydrological stations nation wide and the data administration are certified by ISO 2001:2008

  • Our Clients

    Hydrology data are supplied to students, researchers, private sector, government agencies, consultants and contractors.

  • Data Application
    1. Station Identification

      Station and type of data are to be identified before request for application.

    2. Registration

      Registration must be made before applying for data.

    3. Approval

      Approval wil be notified through e-mail.

    4. Payment

      Payment can be made by CIMB Clicks and postage money as stated in e-mail.

  • Application Status

    Application status can be checked online using applicants MyKad.
    Applicants also will be notified through e-mail.

    Insert your MyKad number to check your status.